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New York and New England are also geographically-divided, by the Berkshire Mountains and the Taconic Mountains, both of which are part of the Appalachians, which means the mountains are primarily oriented north-south and have only a few valleys joining the different ridges, which makes travel difficult. Cumberland Gap became famous for a reason


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>A century ago, the original treatment on Europe was hot herbs/lemon liquors (diluted in water) and sweet wines, which also comes with a few extra "side effects".

Aka "grog" or "a hot toddy"

Spirit of your choice. Whisky or Rum is "traditional", but any "brown liquor" would be ok

Tea, black, made hot, almost boiling

Lemon juice

Sugar of some kind. Honey is my usual go-to, but maple syrup was an interesting substitute.

Spices. I like cinnamon and ginger

Make the tea, and while very hot, add everything else.


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It is important to note that "The Boston Accent" as commonly seen/heard in movies

  1. largely never existed.
  2. The version that did exist was much softer than media makes it seem
  3. It also largely doesn't exist any more, because it was mostly a working-class accent and working-class people pretty much don't live in Boston any more. In addition, Boston is a pretty metropolitan city; the regional accents of the US have been dying out for decades

Amusingly, I am from Boston, despite my flair, and lived there for several years before moving away as a kid. I don't have the accent


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>rice farmers

Those "rice farmers" were at that point hard-core veteran light infantry who had been fighting for over 3 decades by the time the Vietnam War kicked off, and were receiving shit-tons of military aid from China


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Broadly speaking, so long as it is below freezing, ticks will be dormant (they hide in leaf-litter, to avoid freezing to death).

If your daughter is going to go tromping through leaf-litter, or be out in the woods when it gets above freezing, just spray some insect repellent on her shoes and at the bottom-hem of her pants, and she should be fine