BazilBroketail t1_j6fr4hd wrote

"Stop London in it's tracks!"

Wow!! Fuckers. I don't even live there anymore, but what a bunch of dickheads.

The "highlight of our sunset BBQ cruise". Cunts. Purposely making traffic in London worse should be punished by public humiliation and flogging. The absolute audacity...


BazilBroketail t1_j60jkj9 wrote

So, who's their army then, the Russian army or Wagner?

This is a great article about the emergence of "Putin's chef" but I'm still confused on who Russias official army is, is this guy just the public fall guy and he's like the top shadow general of the regular Russian army? Also, not a great article as I said before, they go over the same shit like 6-7 times. It's like it's written by a college student trying to pad the length. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood, I don't know... but that article was a slog to get through.


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I drink this shit and it's devine. I have a metal drink bottle I pour it into. When you first open a new bottle you gotta pull off that safety sticker thing, put the cap back on, then shake the livin' shit out of it. Like a screaming baby. Then you pour it into the drinks bottle. Gotta remember to shake the drinks bottle before taking a drink too or you'll get a mouthful of pulp....