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Pro-abortion people: kills their unborn children

Anti-abortion people: thinks that's bad, so bans the practice because they consider unborn children to be people

Pro-abortion people: decides to roll with it, and starts taking it to its logical conclusion to show how absurd this is <- YOU ARE HERE

Anti-abortion people: :)


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What was useful for me to understand is that 21st-century racists treat racism like some kind of taint that pollutes everything it touches. Of course, instead of thinking of it as acting via miasma or some other gobbledegook, this reasoning uses egregious abuse of statistics to achieve a pseudo-scientific foundation instead. The general gist is that anything that can be found to have a slight correlation with race must necessarily be racist.

The problem with the idea "you go where the market is" is that it doesn't inject a racist lens onto everything. It proposes a kind of decision-making that isn't fundamentally rooted in a racist worldview, and therefore is impossible for our dear 21st-century racists to grasp.