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I didn't jump on that wagon. I knew it was new, and even we agreed with Canada to call it that. I just think it's kinda cool, and where I found it isn't easily accessible to the public, and I didn't want to encourage any beach combers. Plus, I am kinda of an asshole and I worry about people knowing where I live. Lol. I was surprised to wake up to that argument today.


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What would the cost to replace all the signs be, and what would be accomplished by doing this?

Would you do it all at once, or in increments, such as changing speed limit signs first? Or the temperature?

Would there be a way to retrofit older cars with KPH more prominently displayed?


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My guess is these are wood casement windows that were painted. The only thing the handyman is going to do is what someone else said and run a box knife type razor to break the paint seal.

If you want to start off on the right foot with the landlord and you can fix it yourself without much hassle, why wouldn't you?

Can you install a carbon monoxide detector yourself?

Are you dealing with an individual or a property manager?

If dealing with, let's say an elderly couple, are they not able to do it themselves? Have they tried hiring someone and just can't find anyone?

I would approach this as a partnership, and not start off adversarial and threatening to bill them over small, easy fixes.