BeaDrawsandalsoposts t1_ixpjsnj wrote

i stare deeply into the horizon. my species is known for luring and drowning unworthy sailors, and i am no exception.

a ship passes nearby. the perfect victims.

i sing my songs of enchantment to perform my deadly ritual, but the ship stays where it sits.

i sing louder, thinking they simply didnt hear me

suddenly, a very brash and arrogant man yells at me, “you're so shit at singing it hurts my ears!” angered, i belt at him, but this only fuels his anger. “is that all you got you whore?” he barks at me. my temper gets the better of me, and i let out a scream so loud it bursts his head open like a grape.

the ship i tried to lure begins sinking into the depths, presumably because the crew had been killed by my screeches

i swim into the water, pull out the corpse of the man, and i drape it over my rocky perch

i had failed, but at least i could have a light snack