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Go back and study the slave workers singing in the fields and how they were messages about escaping via the Underground Railroad. Follow the Drinking Gourd. Then how that turned into jazz and blues and how the MOTHER FUCKING WHITE MA…sorry, how some nice young men helped promote the blues singers’ tunes to create rock and roll. Harlem Renaissance.


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I’ve battled depression all my life so a teenage me connected to this song, as well as Does Everyone Stare and Contact. They were absolutely my favorite band at the time - this is when they were active. I saw them in 1980 and then two more times. Then Sting a few years later.


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I just think about the millions of people that fly every day without incident. And think of the places you’ll get to visit. Can you save flyer miles for trips with family or spouse?

I never rode a roller coaster until I was in my mid 30s. I just put the same thoughts in my head: thousands of people do it every day without incident.

Flying is amazing today and the technology is so advanced it can be a luxury.