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In many cases, yes. A family of four moves somewhere less dense and cheaper, and a couple from NYC buys their house. Net 2 loss.

Also, a lot of kids moving out of the area after living with their parents, or people who had been living in apartments giving up on finding homes and moving elsewhere.


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The only real issue, at least up north, is I'm not convinced we have the space for the huge gas stations that you see in the midwest.

I don't even mean the Texas Bucky's. Just a regular one, well lit, clean, fully covered, with 6-20 pumps. Most gas stations up here are basically falling apart, with too few pumps, no covering, and not enough land to build something spacious and comfortable.


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NJ born and raised, but moved away when I was 22 and back when I was 38.

Not being able to pump my own gas is the worst. Our gas stations are almost always awful, and it takes you 2-3 times as long to be there. I thought everyone was suckers for pumping their own gas while I sat comfortably in my car, until I had to do it. The time savings alone...


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Here in NW Jersey, we have so few decent restaurants. For being about 20 miles from NYC, we can't attract anything new and interesting, just the same bland and salty red-sauce Italian.

I think the liquor laws are a big part of this. It's crushing the profitability by doing away with such a large way to drive margins. I get that they're valuable investments to those holding them, but so were taxi medallions. Ultimately, it was an investment hurting the rest of us.


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As many people getting off the bus from Peoria know, New York is a hard place to be anyone. Some of us survive and thrive, others, well, get back on a bus and head down to Florida or wherever is easier for them.

The hustle and bustle isn't for all of us. Some of are going to fail, especially those that feel the need to cheat and break laws to prevent that failure.

Maybe Cincinnati is more his speed.