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Why not use solar and batteries? There are no clouds to block the sun, the days are two weeks long and it shines on the whole moon so that if you needed to, you could run on batteries for extra power as needed. Otherwise, do like we do on earth: run a cable from the power source, a solar array to where ever you need the power. And since it doesn't rain, and there is no wind, you will never need to clean the solar panels. Well, maybe once every millennium, but that's all the maintenance you'll ever have to do. Cheap at twice the price.


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Ok so in Canada, a new law that requires your Internet Service Provider to hand over all activity you may have had to "authorities" without warrant and without any documentation. Your "In Private" or supposedly "anonymous" browsing must be made available to the "authorities" such as illegal activities as reading anti-Woke publications.


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You mean, you think that they may be stretching the truth about this? Merde Alors! Instead of listing all the governments, industries and their leaders who should have noses twice as long as Pinocchio's, just list the ones that are at least trying to tell the truth. It won't take nearly so much time. Currently, anything that comes from the Canadian government I just interpret as "organic" garden fertilizer and since I am bilingual, I don't much like anything coming out of Washington D.C. either. Cut taxes for the nearly non-existent middle class.


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Don't buy a physical Gift Card. The odds are that it won't be recognized by Amazon and then it may be discounted. I haven't tried digital e-cards because I am not that brave or foolhardy. Just say no to Amazon gift cards. BTW: I am in the third month of trying to get a card recognized by Amazon.


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There is the running joke that this is in fact necessary because these people can get lost easily given their intellect or lack of intellect. If TikTok is so interested in their user's whereabouts, there are ways to track every single cell phone by make and model and almost from the beginning, certain activity tracking watches have been trackable via satellite. In other words, if this is what they are up to, then they are about ten years lost in the past.