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Radiative cooling is a great developing technology, but ultimately puts out a tiny percentage of what the panels put out. Your link leaves out that it's about 3% of the generation of panels during the daytime, leading to an incredibly inefficient system to handle even the smallest portion of the peak load around dusk. Batteries are a great idea for homes with current technology, but on a generation and delivery scale ultimately useless with what we have today. I'm not saying emerging or green technology is a bad thing by any means, but before an investment like that is made by a state, there needs to be the technology to generate a fiscal return or the bills will get loads higher than when they started. Small applications of this around Portland, OOB, Lewiston, Scarborough, Bangor, even Sanford would be great, but 300 miles of underground transmission and possible generation is beyond foolish with the current infrastructure and technology we have. Money much better invested in a state wide rail system in my own opinion.


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Maine doesn't have coal plants. The closest is in Rumford and only uses coal as a secondary fuel source if they run out of biomass. Maine hasn't burned an ounce of coal for generation since 2019. Even then I highly doubt maintenance on any of our generation facilities would even begin to touch the operating costs of underground transmission lines and solar panels that only generate at 30% capacity, with no ability to store energy for peak usage time after sundown.


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Do you have any idea how much burying cables, and constant maintenance will cost? Maine doesn't have the GDP for that. At near a million dollars a mile as a conservative estimate for normal power lines, not even tranamission lines that would be required, this is little more than a pipe dream. I'm all for government controlled utilities, but even if that happened there is no chance this would be economically viable.


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There's a covered bridge next door in Kenduskeag. Geocaching should have a couple spots. If you can get away to Bangor, they have the City Forest, waterfront, if there's no snow, there are a few great disc golf courses near by in Orrington, Orono, and some farther out you can find with the UDisc app


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I recently just moved back to the county after about 14 years away. Any questions you have about Aroostook feel free to give me a DM. I work for an agency up here that can connect to a lot of services. If you're extroverted it's not hard to find friends, but it's important to have them up here where things are so isolated. Winters feel crazy long without anyone to talk to. Also if you have a long driveway at all, a snowblower and some windproof cold weather clothing is pretty fantastic. If you're new to winter driving, keep in mind that it doesn't matter how well your car can go in the snow, it matters how well it can stop. Also driving is different at night here. Moose are often too tall to get the eye glint, and they're crazy fast while crossing the road. You really need to keep yourself observant if you can. I'd suggest taking a look into living in Presque Isle if you can. It's a 45 minute commute to Houlton, but there's a few more services and just generally more people.


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Calais area has some pretty serious issues with substance abuse. Aroostook County has a growing problem with it but on the whole Aroostook County is a great place to live. Calais is close to the ocean, while Houlton is about two and a half hours from it. Do you like outdoor activities? The County is fantastic if you love the outdoors.