Beau_Buffett t1_j2eofq5 wrote

Says the guy claiming you spray feces all over your bum if you use one.

You've decided all of this in your scientific head.

You should hear what people with countries that use them think about using paper to remove poo from your ass.

If you had poop on your wrist, would you grab a kleenex and wipe it off or go run it under a faucet, professor?

Butt you're right. You probably shouldn't use one if your plan is to place it under your poo-smeared inner buttocks shooting directly upward. You might need to put your knuckles in the toilet water to even attempt that.

Someone here failed geometry and physics. It wasn't me.


Beau_Buffett t1_j22333w wrote

I know someone in Shanghai, and they were going out like life was normal while we were all masked up and whatnot.

The Chinese isolated ill people to the point that their population hasn't been through the process of some dingalings pretending covid isn't real and others trying to stay safe. Instead, these massive lockdowns happened until recently.

I think it basically means that China is still in the early stages.

I also think it's potentially germ warfare to open your borders at the same time you end the lockdowns and know that half the country is going to be infected.

Ima go get a booster next week.

It's going to take about 5 minutes to share this with the whole world.

Considering restrictions? No, they should be in place right now.