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You absolutely will, but how long it takes and how smart you are about driving will determine when. I went 10 months without my car being inspected because I only drove at night. A former coworker of mine has been rocking a 2019 inspection sticker on his car as of this past March and had only been pulled over because of it once.


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Yeah, my sister in law was in a nursing program when Covid made it's way here. They fast tracked her education and basically said she would get her certification by working through the pandemic. A year and a half later, she was cleaning houses because it was more money and less stress.


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Let's also not exclude the fact that the mass exodus of adequate medical staff was also partially due in part to inadequate working conditions, long hours and piss-poor treatment for shit pay, as well as the possibility that many contracted the virus and died as a result of trying to deal with the overwhelming number of patients being admitted and treated for Covid.


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I remember being a kid and my brothers and our upstairs neighbors had to walk a 1/4 down the road to the house of one girl whose house was designated the bus stop. I could never understand why she wasn't made to walk up to our apartment building instead of making 5 kids trudge down the side of the road to her house. Thinking back on it now though, her mom was a major Karen, so it makes sense.


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The start time for my 10 year old is 8:20am . She has to be on the bus at 6:45 because of the number of working parents who also start their work day at 8-9am. The bus system has to stop and pick up all these kids, which isn't a lot, but takes time to make the drive and all the stops.

People are also a lot more cautious in the evening than they are in the morning. I don't know how many mornings I drove to work at 5-6 am thinking "there's no one out right now", but I never had that thought once at 5-6 at night.


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2 weeks ago, my 10 year old was getting on the bus at 6:45am in the pitch black morning. I don't give a shit if you don't get your night time day light hours if it means she is at risk of some asshole hitting her while she is waiting at the bus stop to go to school.

Also, I'm a grown up. I've watched the sunrise for the last decade. I don't give a shit if you start your chainsaw at 5am, maybe it'll inspire my kids to get up and start their day instead of sleeping til noon.


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As I just commented above, a week and a half ago, it was pitch black when my kid went to meet her bus at 6:45. If they want to end it, that's fine, but they need to end it by not "springing forward' again. I'm sorry if that means that you don't get that much sunlight at night in the summer, but 3 months of extra light when you get out of work isn't an equal trade off for my kids safety.


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If were going to end it, then we need to keep it as the time is now and not "Spring Forward" again. A week and a half ago, my 10 y/o was getting on the bus at 6:45am in the pitch black. Since we're not changing the start time of school to be later, we need to keep the time change as it is so that it's safe for small children waiting for their busses that early in the morning.


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> The state wants to sell it, like they do liquor, for the $$$$ but can’t while it’s federally illegal.

Go can say it. It's greed. The state and the politicians of this state don't want to make it legal until they've found a way to line their own pockets with the profits. It's not like 23 other State/Territories have figured out a way to make it work without it being legal federally or anything....


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Which absolutely slays me. Why do we continually elect a governor that can't decide whether to follow federal regulations or not. Legalize weed? Absolutely fucking not, it's not legal federally and they know what they're talking about. Ban assault style weapons? Absolutely fucking not, it's a violation of our rights and they have no clue what they're doing. Ban abortion? Absolutely not...well, yeah, maybe just a little bit. The federal government says it's up to me to make that decision.