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This made sense to me, a non mathematician and non physicist. So basically the entangled particles will behave identically when observed. So there is no information linking the particles across spacetime.

So like if I had two cans and two six sided die and I “entangled” the die and closed the lid. I could then send one can to the moon and keep the other and when opened, both die will show the same result because of entanglement when normally there would be a 1/6 probability of what is observed for a single die.


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Just read the short ESA post and the answer seems to be no one knows, but they have to projects planned to try and detect both gravitational waves and x-rays that are expected from such a merger.

I suppose as long as you are not in the path of the x-ray blast, there isn’t much to be concerned about.


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Maybe I am misunderstanding what is being shown here then. Because it looks like stars that used to orbit the galactic plane of on or the other galaxy have been flung out into a huge horseshoe hoop while close to the galactic cores the gasses are even hotter with a huge jet of superheated gas shooting “down” from them.


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Very cool pics. The surface is way more bumpy than I had thought from prior photos. I also can’t wait for the unhinged to do their Rorschach test claims of aliens because of the light/shadow play on some of the features.

I hope I live to see the day we actually build a permanent (probably sub-surface) base there.