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No one's dismissing it - in particular, the US authorities forced several adaptations to Starlink in order to reduce the risks of mega-constellations e.g. insisting that satellites fully burn-up on re-entry in order to minimise risks to the v1.0 humans on the ground.

It is normal to be wary, and to insist on proceeding with caution. However many of the anti-Starlink posters are just hiding their hate-boner for Elon under a pseudo-scientific veneer. E.g. mention Starlink on Reddit and you're guaranteed "Kessler Syndrome!" and "Astronomy!" replies. But posts about the other mega-constellations currently in deployment do not seem to attract the same "science-based concern" :shrugs:


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>active satellites

The main issues with "too much shit in orbit" are, I believe: 1. Risk of Kessler Syndrome 2. Impact on astronomy.

In both the above, a dead satellite is as much of a risk as an active satellite. More so in fact - an active satellite can be ordered to dodge an imminent collision.

The US are tracking IIRC 13,000 objects in orbit. To focus only on active satellites is unscientific.


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>This appears to be a post about Elon Musk or one of his companies. Please keep discussion focused on the actual topic / technology and not praising / condemning Elon. Off topic flamewars will be removed and participants may be banned.

On my screen I'm seeing this AutoModerator message just above your little rant.



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It's a bit more involved than that. You can't label people guilty by association, it's a fundamental principle of free countries.

However, in this particular case this admin - Aimee Channelor - used to be a minor politician in the UK, was a candidate in an election, and hired their father as campaign manager even while he was waiting to be tried for raping a 10 year old. So at the very least this Aimee Channelor made a massive error of judgement when hiring their campaign manager. For this they were booted out of the political party.

They they joined a different UK party - but got kicked out again when it came to light that their partner was publishing paedophile erotica.

Then Reddit decided that this Aimee was just the right person to be an admin.


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He "claims" his dad had a mine.

That's the thing about this story - it's just a couple of "claims" in interviews, from either Elon Musk - a man who is, ahem, known for making outlandish claims. Or else an interview with his dad, a man who's busy fucking his own step-daughter and getting her pregnant. Unless someone can actually show me the name and location of the mine - which shouldn't be that difficult, mines are not exactly easy to hide - I'll remain dubious.