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People did begin driving insanely in my city. Bad habits have continued til today, and I see far more people running red lights, rolling through crosswalks, illegal turns on red, etc.

Also, as an aside, legal turns in red shouldn’t even be a thing, for a several really obvious reasons if.


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I had exactly the same though. I went left by accident once, and first thought "This tube is kind of dangerous on a bicycle" before coming across another trail fork where I spotted a "no bikes" sign.

I turned back and felt like a dick all the way back to the MTB trail.


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AFAIK, the north side is only "done" in that the overhead repairs to the bridge itself are finished. They didn't bother to make any of the improvements to the north side walkway that they did to the south side, so for the next two years cyclists, scooter and E-bike riders are going to look forward to climbing or descending two flights of stairs to get on and off the walkway on the Camden side.

I don't know how they plan to continue to provide access for disabled users. I guess they can just walk up the steps carrying their wheelchairs.



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Holy shit, he was (unsuccessfully) defended by attorney Charles Peruto, who ran as a Republican against Krasner in the last election.

Peruto, for those who might not recall, made the news in 2013 when a 26-year-old paralegal, an employee of his, was found dead in his bathtub. Investigation later ruled the death an accidental drowning likely caused by a seizure, and her blood alcohol was purportedly above .40.


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Oh my god I miss POPE.

I mean, I live nearby.

But I'm a married dad with a toddler now, and my nights at POPE were all spent with my friend after she and I had recently broken up with our SOs and just wanted to drink dark beer and eat great burgers and fries, then go down to Watkins and shoot pool upstairs while getting stupid drunk.


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My friend and I rented a Glock 19 there one time. He and I both had prior shooting experience but were given no instruction or supervision beyond “have you ever shot a gun before?”

It must have been poorly maintained, because it kept jamming.

Fun times!

I had much better experiences at the Archery and Gun Club.