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I was just about to say this. They usually get worldwide success with authentic local language films and shows that don't try so many other languages like English but still think including American actors and English language scenes is necessary for global success.

I have the same problem even with Europeans such as German and Norwegian filmmakers who don't realize how awkward it is when they force in English scenes. The delivery is usually not right and doesn't feel as smooth as when they use the language they're comfortable with.


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That happens a lot even in Hollywood films and non English language shows. They can't create tension with a SWAT team or a pack of police officers so they always choose to have one character flying solo and being too brave.

It's plausible for some of these small towns that it could happen but it's a trope that will never change in horrors and thrillers


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Yeah, such a great character actor but that always felt weird but it was in line with the condescending nature of many people who think it's so groundbreaking and moving to see a racist guy start to warm up to PoCs. 'What a great achievement! He showed that PoC some kindness, he's a hero!'