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I recently upgraded from the HD560S to a Focal Clear, you can look at my recent posts for some opinions, or ask here for anything you‘re cutious about (I‘ve also tried a few Hifimans and then some)


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I like them. They‘re pretty narrow stage-wise which is something that might be a turn-off, but they sound pretty good. I‘d recommend equalizing them though, as they are quite muffled and someehat bass-lite without. But they definitely can rumble and sound pretty clean to me. Plus, the lesther pads are super comfy (although the HP can be a bit heavy)


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So, black friday came around and I saw some deals I just couldn't pass up on. Long story short: Here I am with my trusty companions the HD 560S and Monolith M1070 switching back and forth with two newer contenders the Ultrasone Edition 11 (I am curious, too!) and the cult favorite Focal Clear OG.

I have had the chance to listen to the Clear for a couple days now while the Edition 11 just came in today, so keep that in mind. Headphones I've owned/auditioned for more than a few minutes, but are not on hand anymore include: HifiMan Sundara, HifiMan Ananda, HifiMan He400i 2020, Philips SHP9600.

Anyways: if you have any questions or wish for comparisons, I'd be more than happy to oblige :)

Happy listening, everyone!


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"Da mein Hurensohn! Nimm diese perfekte Produkt, natürlich ist es identisch an dem ersten Modell! Das erste Modell war nämlich schon längst perfekt!" Should have been: „Da mein Hurensohn! Nimm dieses perfekte Produkt, natürlich ist es identisch mit dem ersten Modell! Das erste Modell war nämlich schon längst perfekt!"

Only two small errors, hope I could be of help :)


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I‘d say you‘re close enough. It‘s definitely not word-by-word identical, but content wise you got it right. Keep it up! (And don‘t take this German too seriously cause it is wrong gramatically)