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I'm a bit dubious about the website you have linked. In discussions about guns there are so many rabidly anti/pro gun groups. I try to stay away from these.

What I am referencing is that the guns bought over time don't go away. They stay in the population. We can make gun control laws but about half of Americans already own guns. Any new laws won't really affect this fact. . . . .irk . . . I'm no expert on laws not guns so maybe there is a gun control law that would cut down on our suicides and murders but I am a bit dubious. I would be happy to change my mind if you can argue for a way we can improve things.


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Yes. Advent is a big deal for a lot of Catholics. In my family we put the tree up Christmas eve and took it down on the Epiphany.

Times sure have changed around the Christian seasons. This is natural as far as I can tell. Christmas day used to be Saturnalia before the Romans became Christian so Jesus wasn't really the "Reason for the Season".


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