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Yo it was crappy as fuck but I was 10. At least I had fangs. That medal thing I was wearing was cuz I had only seen Bela lugosi as drac and he has some sort of awesome family amulet thing. Or so I thought.

Thanks for that, I appreciate the compliment and I really appreciate this conversation.


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I was actually ok in high school. I mean, I was still a dork but I was in "gifted" with a bunch of cool kids and weirdly I had some friends on the football and wrestling teams so I managed to span across various clicks. And I was a weirdo punk in a written on army jacket. Hs was fun for me.


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Yeah, a part of me knew that. But I was going to catholic school back then and believe me, I actually was pretty much the coolest kid in my grades around me. Not like, 7th or 8th grade cool but better than the other little catholic kids in 4/5th grade.

I hope you're having a good evening.


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I thought Dracula was not only a name, but a title. He's the big guy. Like lots of devils but only a Lucifer. So I was making the distinction between myself, The Dracula, and then that othe guy with the green shit on his face.

I can see how my initial description was inadequate and I'm glad we got to the bottom of my Halloween cub scout costume from 32 years ago. Seriously, thanks for that bit of pedanticism.