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Cold sores are HSV-1 (herpes simplex virus 1). The ones downstairs are HSV-2. Both can be spread through contact. And HSV-1 can even be spread downstairs via contact on someone. Likewise, HSV-2 can be spread to mouths.

When having sexual encounters, use protection. If a cold sore/fever blister is present, do not share drinks, kiss, etc. HSV-1 generally does not spread unless the blisters are present.

But the virus will ALWAYS be in your system. If your immune system is ever compromised, it may present itself again.

Hopefully they'll come up with a cure for it some day.


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I've been married for many years now. So, no. And if I wasn't married and was dating around, then no - I would not willingly/knowingly sleep with someone that had herpes. But I am not the type of guy to sleep around anyway so it wouldn't matter.

Yes, I realize that a virgin can have herpes. It could have been transmitted during birth. But we're getting further away from the original topic so I'm about done here.


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"...seeing thoughts and posts like yours."

I don't think I've given the impression that I think people with cold sores are "untouchable" or anything.

Yes, I realize it's been around a long time. And it's prevelant.

But if you avoid casual sexual encounters and using other's utensils, it's mostly avoidable.

(Please realize I used the qualifier "mostly". I know that some are just lucky. But avoiding unnecessary contact can prevent a lot of things.)


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When I say "fairly easy to avoid", it's relative. For example, someone can have the flu around me and I may not know it. They could walk by and sneeze or cough in my general direction and that's it.

Herpes, either type, requires some sort of action between them. Sharing a drink. Sharing a body part.

Hope that helps make my comment make more sense. ( :