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Oh gosh, there’s a ton! If you’re into Michelin type places there’s a few options, just Google and find what your vibe is. H Street NE is an awesome place to go out and bar hop, there’s also a lot of great restaurants there too (it’s my old neighborhood so I’m partial to it). Toki Underground has reaaaally good ramen if you’re into it. Vue is a rooftop bar with views of the White House, perfect for sunset time.


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I was sitting outside on my patio (rain calms me and there was no indication of storm to my knowledge) or I would have thought the same. The sky completely turned white and then there were three HUGE booms immediately after.

I am from Florida originally and this scared me. I’ve grown up with thunderstorms my whole life.


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I talk to the same Irish lass no matter what I’m calling about when I’m reaching my GP. My doctor is affiliated with Hackensack Meridian. Because of my specific shitty conditions I end up exceeding our out of pocket very early, so I generally bypass my GP early on.

She’s very nice. She usually just passes me on to the nurse in office very quickly. I’ve grown fond of her.

I will say my pediatrician for my kids is AMAZING and I’ve never waited at all to get them seen if necessary. Nor have I waited on hold longer than five minutes ever, and it’s been years we have used them.


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I was going to take my kids to Sesame Place, but my husband forgot my daughter’s thick coat at school. Kind of glad for that now.

Just gonna stick to the library and movies I guess. Maaaaaybe the science center if I’m feeling adventurous. Luckily we have a bunch of new distractions thanks to the holidays so hopefully they’ll be content.


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It wasn’t extra. Even though it was a kind offer, we couldn’t have fit in the cars any of us have with five people, two in car seats, and all of our luggage. So we would have had to pay to park. I could have gotten cheap parking, but it still would have been around $150 for the time we were gone, plus tolls and gas, plus I’d have to lug kids and all the crap we had onto and off of a shuttle. Paying for the premium parking so we could avoid a shuttle was over $350, which was the cost of the private car before tip. It was a no brainer.

Our driver knew just where to drop us off, and pickup was completely seamless as well. We just went in one elevator trip from luggage pickup and he was right outside. If it was just me and my husband going for a quick weekend trip we would just park or get a ride, but traveling with a four and two year old complicates things significantly.


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Oh yeah they did but I don’t think they shut down. Still shows as open and active on their website and Google. Developer probably ran out of money.

I remember people talking about that before I moved away and that was in 2019.


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My father in law is the same way. He offered to drive us when we went to Florida last month, even though there's no way all of our crap and all of us would fit in a regular car. We went for over a week and there was just too much. I hired a local company, and roundtrip it was like $400 including a tip. We got dropped off and picked up in a perfect place and didn't have to worry about lugging two toddlers, a stroller, two car seats, and three suitcases on shuttles. If I'm traveling with my kids I'll never do it any other way until they're old enough to be responsible for helping with the luggage. My sister is coming up with her two kids and I already offered to order the service for her.


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Right? It’s not confusing. Growing up my mom would have me do it when I was like seven years old (yes, I know that’s illegal now in most states).

I had a bit of a moment on vacation in Florida when I pulled up and realized “oh! I gotta pump my gas again! Ok!” But that’s just because I hadn’t left the state in three years.

I prefer having someone pump my gas, it’s a nice convenience, but it isn’t exactly difficult.