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this is an underappreciated part of commenting on crime in the current age. if you look at the crime numbers in the 80's and 90's it's like comparing apples and....cumquats. the difference is that in 2023, we have Reddit, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, etc, ad infinitum. anyway, this story is sad, and I feel for the kid


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that's really cool, and important that you posted.

it's good to remind us that positive things do happen frequently in our big city - it's not all just murder and crime.

I posted a similar story months ago, and the reactions were mostly all positive, but as always, there were the "boo bird" negative types that felt I posted for glory or upvotes or whatever.

be prepared for those types to comment, but I applaud you!


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this is why, when a previous commenter said that the MTA does a fairly good job, I (mostly) agree.

it's in large part that no other system in the world has to deal with asshole people like littering, graffitiing, cursing, spitting, eating, puking, defecating, pissing, smoking, injecting, vandalizing, mentally unstable, poor, homeless, rude, inconsiderate, 24/7, blase, New Yorkers