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The argument is more that there is nothing stopping perverts right now. As is shown by this outstanding individual.

There is no reason to change your gender to do the things perverts do.

And trans people do not get a free pass to do pervert things in the bathroom of the preference. This would also be illegal for a trans person to do.

So trans people doing perverted stuff is indeed not a problem. Atleast not any more or less then non trans people doing it.


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Your claim is not supported by your source. That's all i am saying. There is no other mentioning about the FBI in your source. I understand that the majority of defensive incidents do not result in someone's death. I am not debating that.

Why do i have to spoon feed you all of this?

You can pick any of the sources cited by the Wikipedia article and i would bet none of them state it happens about a million times every year per the FBI.