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So the biggest threat is just generally draining the system of money. So the more money a program can drain from the entire system the more land they can afford to buy. Making everything else have less breathing room to function in.

Basically assuming we don't let AI just consume all the land then they'll be fine. Doing what you always did will always work assuming no externals change.

Of course externals are always changing and I think ai is going to have profound implications on what capitalism even means.


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I think it's more important to be right. I mean if you're not right you're not right but kindness kills. Sometimes you just got to be rude and tell someone they're ducking up.


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I'll tell you when it comes to drinking you have to look at each time you accidently drink while quitting as simply a mistake and be ok with it. Because when I thought in absolutes I'd drink one time and sinse that ruined my streak I would drink hard every weekend for a long time before doing it again.

So you have to be ok with making mistakes. Which in all likelihood is half of the reason your drinking anyways. A life of mistakes adds up in your head and you run around with anxiety so you try to drink it away.

Anyways.. learning to tolerate your mistakes is the best thing to do.

And swap it out for less damaging things like video games or coffee or whatever works too.

It's all about the dopamine. Every mistake takes some away and booze makes it feel better. Gotta get a new source.