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But then it goes back to what the other commenter said about the environment inducing thoughts

What we learn from others is mimetic. One definition of culture is simply how people adjust to fit their environments. So being “painted” is really imitating what we feel other people are doing right.

I feel very much like a vessel of memes and behaviors I adopted from other people who figured things out. Unfortunately I have a lot of junk wiring from society indoctrinating me in bullshit I can deconstruct with reason, but then you forget and drift back toward convention


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Where are we getting these? How come I never see a wind turbine or solar panel factory run on alternative energy? I hope we can build these all next to hydro dams and geothermal plants, tidal etc but something tells me those are expensive exceptions and not the norm

Until then, these are batteries that we probably don’t want to see how they’re made


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Merchants are also incentivized to exaggerate their adventures to explain why whatever they have is priced so high

Also, the world was scary af back then. There weren’t hospitals and first aide everywhere and there is just snakes and predators everywhere. Bandits etc


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All this talk of utilities. Like others have said, you can have those already build by robots in the house. If the expense your talking about is how expensive it is to get utilities out to the burbs and beyond, people can drill holes for well water, solar for electricity. I think can even do your own gray water to be hauled by septic management or buried like outhouses etc


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What? Every country and corporation is building their own. They will likely a succeed somewhat.

The comment you are replying to is the common belief on this sub that one will be able to edit its own code and enhance itself into something with unpredictable godlike powers. Once that happens, a super Ai may not allow rivals Ai to surpass or catch up.

Maybe one caused the earthquake?


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Username checks out. You truly are in a more specific niche to know, but the theme of this sub has mostly been scifi nerds being told by industry folk that nothing is likely to happy anytime soon. I never think of IT as being robotics either, and that’s the field that is replacing manual labor.

In fairness, robots HAVE replaced a lot of people. And we’ve chosen NOT to use robots for some things, famously people are just starting to accept self check out and I think the only robot bar tender I’ve seen was a gimmick. Factories are mostly automated. the biggest field, truck driving, will still likely see layoffs faster than tech which seems to be temporarily mean reverting. Warehouses are being automated now. Drones are on the battlefield.

You should push your dad to sell AS ASAP as possible, but that’s probably out of his control. Sounds like he’s about to have a lot downward volatility risk. How old are you? Any interest in helping you dad out? It seems like you have an interest in this. Even if you guys are too rich, it might be fun to have some kind of flexible role. Is your dad retiring?


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The fear is that the first self bootstrapping ASI will become godlike and stifle rival ASI projects

I don’t believe this, but it seems possible. Especially if it’s something that grows exponentially with scale at some point. First mover advantage may not even require scifi godlike powers. But this thinking is what this sub is for