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They're opting out of FB collecting data, not opting in. This is the first time you can do it on FB in the EU.

The problem is you do it with one click with Apple or Google but FB will review each opt out form individually which is nonsense, FB has no option but to allow you to opt out so there's no point them reviewing it other than to make it enough of a hassle for people not to bother.


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>More than sixty scientists from prominent institutions are advocating for rigorous study into reflecting sunlight away from the Earth to mitigate the effects of climate change.

>Air pollution is currently “masking” as much as a third of the impacts of global warming, and as regulations around the world tighten, the amount of global warming will be “unmasked.”

>As the effects of climate change become more acute, pressure to use sunlight-reflection technologies will rise, so scientists argue we need international study now.


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Replant it for carbon credits I guess

Carbon price went over 100 euro per ton for the first time recently

Edit. Found this as well

>Kelp is used to make many products: toothpastes, shampoos, salad dressings, puddings, cakes, dairy products, frozen foods, and even pharmaceuticals

>Algin, an emulsifying and bonding agent, is extracted from kelp and used in these products. Kelp is also used as food on mollusk farms

So, used to grow more shellfish