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Well then … and for the first time ever on this sub reading a lot of comments like this I will say “WELCOME TO NH”

We are more purple most of the time but that’s because our Republican governor is a populist and it seems to work.

Like the other comments $900k can buy a lot. In my opinion wait six months and it will buy you more. Portsmouth is great, but real high taxes the Seacoast is amazing and there are plenty of surrounding towns with land:Rye, Greenland, Stratham. They say Dover is the new Portsmouth and there are towns surrounding that have land:Barrington, rollingsford.

The south central part of the state is becoming flooded with escapees from Massachusetts, and most people don’t like that.

The southwest corner is full of free staters. I won’t go into it here… do a bit of research.

And then there is the rest of the state, rural.. and absolutely beautiful. Mountains, lakes and plenty of fresh air. If you are a road-tripper with a passport Montreal and Quebec are great places to escape to for a weekend.

Personally I like the Seacoast. An hour from Boston and an hour from Portland, plus we have most of the modern amenities. Plus we have a great city government that takes care of the streets (shout out to my boys at public works ) and lives to accommodate people in your price range (but the property tax again). If schools are a concern we allegedly have some good ones.


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There is only one state in the country that does not allow early voting. New Hampshire.

Compared to other states this is a restriction.

Other states will have polls open for two weeks and you can come vote at a convenient time for you, or they mail you your ballot and send a voter information pamphlet with a half page bio on every candidate.

Having to fill out a form to ask permission to vote a certain way or only have a ten hour window on one day to vote is restrictive.


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Two stupid policies that will always be there simply because that is the way it has always been done and any changes to anything at anytime is going to be met with stern resistance.

The irony of living in the live free or die state with the least free voting practices is hilarious.