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So, the Warrendale location has a lobby and window you can go to, but the hours kinda suck (10-2, monday-friday as far as I know). I cannot guarantee that you'd be successful in getting an answer, but you'd at least talk to a person. I worked holiday casual at this facility, and they take theft & interference of mail seriously, as in dudes w/cuffs seriously. The fact it's been multiples is a bit weird - like one package I'd chalk up to something like a mangled package and it's been sitting in the department where someone pieces together where the heck damaged mail is supposed to go - but more than once for one customer is pretty weird.

(Edit: words are hard & I can't remember what the damaged mail dept is called)


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It really depends. A truck took out our street name sign, and it was replaced in ~48 hrs. Pothole on a side street? Ehhh a week? Maybe more, depending on if it’s patching season. More general requests (our neighborhood has some bad intersections that need signage) may take a loooot longer


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Just here to third Dr Lamb and the whole practice. I haven’t seen Erica, but I’ve seen Dr Lamb and his PA Chris (who is also a gem of a human). I have T1 diabetes and they’re the right amount of hands on/off with that. They take a LOT of time talking and listening, and Chris was the only medical professional who ever took a second to go “heyyyy you sound like you’re having a tough time, would you like to talk about ways we might help?” (Yes, my dude. Big yes).

Honestly, as a person who has had some pretty fucked up medical experiences, it’s really refreshing to have a primary practice that…practices? And doesn’t just fob you off on a specialist all the time (they do refer, but they handle a lot of stuff in office too!)


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Grew up in Sheraden (birth-2004), still friendly with a few childhood friends (Facebook etc). I chose to go to a magnet school (north side) to get away from bullying and abuse by a classmate. Then I moved for college then moved abroad, lived in around the city a bit then eventually settled in Stanton Heights. Oddly, I moved in up the street from my middle school English teacher & two different people I went to high school with.


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Way back in the Homestead days, I went there for breakfast tacos on a Sunday morning, and had the best damn cup of coffee I’ve ever had in my life. It was a Chiapas blend but it was like one of those moments where the clouds open and the sun appears etc. I still think about that (and those damn breakfast tacos because breakfast tacos)


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We had two windows (big picture windows) replaced by Window Nation and while the installers & the windows were great, the sales person was a royal ass.

When we did the rest of the windows, we went with Vynex after getting quotes from Window Nation and Window World . Vynex came in several grand under the rest and they’re local. One day of installation and we’ve got zero regrets.