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I don’t go to Rapid Roberts anymore because of these. Which sucks since it’s so close to my house, but I’ll drive down the road to not get ads forced on me.


BetterMakeAnAccount t1_j74toyo wrote

I did this for some friends last year, here’s some ideas I got-

-Hot Sauce from Cafe Cusco (you can also do Mexican Villa if ya nasty)

  • You can ship Cashew Chicken- or at least, the sauce! A lot of the groceries around here sell it, either in powder or liquid form. I got mine at PriceCutter. (Check if you can ship that stuff to whatever country it is first)

  • some merch from bar of your choice. I sent a beanie from Hold Fast.

  • Culture Flock has cute gifts like stickers and stuff

  • Bass Pro merch obvs

  • I don’t know what your friends are like, but if they’d get a kick out of it Kum N Go merch is a funny idea

  • Stuff from the Zoo or Fantastic Caverns