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I hope this doesn't apply to people riding past on their bikes.

"I was just riding to work! Why did you cut my dick off?"

"I warned you about no warnings it would happen!"


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Yeah, exactly.

When the switches are in the "off" position, then the bulbs will only ever be off because they have no power. The OP can still have the lights off with the fan on, but cannot have the lights on with the fan off. Maybe that's fine for OP though?

I'd pull open both wall switches to see what the wiring looks like. Maybe they do have independent wires but were linked together or something weird.


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I work in the ATS space and these laws rolling out, all with subtle differences, are really a lot to try and work with. There are some other state variations on wage notification for Nevada, Connecticut, and soon Rhode Island, where they opted to require this information is shared during the hiring process before the first interview or before the initial offer.

I totally support the idea behind it, and 100% understand why going down this path is a great idea. It's transparency that drives supply/demand theory. Buuuut... it's a patchwork mess right now.

For clients I work with that want to do it and support it, it's still a huge PITA to figure out exactly what the best way to handle it is. Their wage ranges are all over the place depending on regions, so the big discussion revolves around how to bucket particular regions. A lot of these setups started as one position with the exact same details flagged for the entire country. Now they have to split that up and maintain separate positions for each different regional pay range that needs to be posted.

Mix that in with how a lot of aggressive 3rd party job boards are scraping career pages without permission, and then creating their own postings as if the company with the job opening did it, and things get messy REAL fast.


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Not getting roasted by the sun while tossing my stuff into the car to wrap up a shopping trip sure is nice.

Also, the car isn't blistering hot when I get in it.

Win, Win, Win, Win, and I lost fucking count but sure here's another Win.