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I find best practice is to completely ignore these types.

If you make eye contact or respond at all, they peg you as someone they can get a response from. More often that not, in the absence of eye contact & acknowledgement, they'll keep searching for another victim.

I've had many situations in which someone begins to start in with me or is sizing me up, I keep looking angrily ahead like the last type of asshole that's going to spare some change, they move on and then start heckling or chasing after someone who gives them a response or runs away.

Tl;DR: Avoid any type of tacit engagement with these people at all costs


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I live there and like it a lot. It's best enjoyed on a summer day when families of all creeds and characters can be seen taking their kids to the water fountains to jump and play around in.

During the winter, like most of DC, foot traffic dissipates about as soon as it starts getting dark. It certainly feels a bit weird / almost eerily silent when you're walking through a major, glamorous downtown area and there aren't many fellow pedestrians, but that's all of downtown DC.

Moreover, you have to consider that it's a 100% improvement to what used to be there, as others have pointed out. It's also close to Capital One Arena, a lot of great sports bars and has awesome metro/bus access with Gallery Place & Metro Center both very close.


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Grew up in Loudoun County, VA. Can confirm, rich prep school kids from DC / Great Falls are indeed the snottiest kids in America.

That's why when I heard that Brett Kavanaugh went to Georgetown Prep, it literally all clicked for me. Of course he did all of that shit and thought it was funny, that's classic Prep behavior.

Some grow out of it, some become Brett Kavanaugh.


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How beautiful and relatively easy driving and/or flying in or out of the city is (outside of rush hour). At least if you're coming/going from the VA side. I will die on the hill that the flight into DCA on a clear day, is one of the most beautiful landing views of any airport on earth. Same with driving out to VA/Alexandria on the Arland D Williams Memorial Bridge. It's literally a stunning view as you're crossing out of the city. Normally you're met with project buildings, industrial zones, etc. as you cross over the city limits.

Manhattan is a classic example, you have to drive through the valley of ashes and industrial wasteland every time you come or go from the city. There's like 30 minutes of driving through absolute hellscapes before you get to any form of nice / inhabitable suburbs or greenery. Flying in is the same. Whether you come into JFK / Newark / LaGuardia you're going to have to trek through a lot of mess to get into Manhattan. Also hard to get much of a pretty view of the skyline when you're stuck in traffic under the tunnel!


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NO! You must pick one or the other. There is no room for nuance and/or respectful disagreements in the Reddit comments.

Reddit comments section is WAR. Come prepared to die on your hill, or evacuate the hill with your hands up immediately. This is a zero sum game friend. Every compliment to the subject means you're insulting all things other than the subject. You can't tell me you like DC without it being implicit that you HATE nyc. You want to drop a BOMB on it along with all those smelly garbage bags that make the entire city smell like urine on hot summer days.



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100%. Every time I visit NYC I gain more appreciation for DC.

I think in addition to the greenery, it's also the way that the streets are wider & buildings shorter so you feel like you're truly in the open air / outdoors. Sometimes in Manhattan the masses of cement sky-scrapers going out in every direction can make one feel really caged in.


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Is it just fragmented crews of drug-dealers & users who get into issues over payment, theft, market share, etc. of street drugs?

Just confused b/c obviously DC doesn't have gangs like out in L.A. / Chicago. And I understand why gangs get into violent feuds over market share and who sells what drug on which block, etc. So is it kinda just the same thing but less structured/organized and more fragmented?

Just can't understand how so many lives are lost over a few grams of drugs. If we were talking Cartel level distribution with millions on the line, being trafficked by organized crime rings, I could at least understand why the stakes are so high that violence is inevitable. When these drug dealers get busted do they get caught with >$100K or is it literally just dudes killing each other over a few $20 bills?


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Tech, engineering, finance, consulting, etc. all pay highly without requiring advanced degrees. Then you have law/medicine which also pay highly but require Doctorate level degrees. I don't think most people getting Masters degrees are doing it with the same intention as Law School kids or Finance undergrads where it's like "Okay literally all I have to do is earn this degree and I can easily make $250K for the rest of my life". I think most Masters degrees are more intellectual/academic pursuits with marginal compensation/professional development components.


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I think you're on to something. I feel like a lot of people I know with Masters degrees in DC studied liberal arts and now work in academia, or like you said, non-profit or even government.

Those that work in Law/Medicine typically have beyond a masters degree and many that work in finance/STEM don't need any degree beyond a bachelors to get high-paying finance/tech/engineering jobs. Would actually make a lot of sense to me if most Masters degree were more intellectual/academic pursuits and less so about "Hey I just need to crank out this degree really quickly so I can be a _____ and make $250K/year"


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Understood. I think the key part that I have a problem with is not the recording part. I'm totally fine being on surveillance cam, or merely one body in a crowd if someone is taking a picture/video of a street, public park, crowded bar, etc.

What pisses me off to no end is when someone is explicitly filming your face, speech, mannerisms and interactions without consent, then posting it on their own social platform for views/clicks/likes/ad revenue/etc. That's the part where it feels like MY likeness is being used to promote YOUR social media channel, without my consent. I feel like there are some more nuanced laws about this, no? It certainly doesn't stop anyone though. Just a pet peeve of mine because it's so lame. Like, film yourself if you want to use the footage to promote YOUR shit.


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Ugh. Can we try to get something on the legislative agenda surrounding privacy rights and prohibiting people from doing this?

It's just one of those things that feels like shouldn't be legal but technically is because the technology that enables it came to fruition quicker than updates to laws do.