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How on earth you are not an registered veteran once you leave the army?! This should be automatically.

And why our defense budget doesn’t cover veterans affair and have to be separated. We woundnt have veterans if it wasn’t for the military.

USA defense budget is $800 billion and veterans is $300 billions. Wanna reduce budget deficits then have veterans be under defense and keep the same budget . Maybe we don’t need those shiny planes and corporations sucking of that budget tit.

Oh I have more of these opinionated questions


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Yep, would be nice to have mandatory exams that would determine if someone can run any government office. The more people they govern over, the harder it is. It would weed out a lot of nut jobs.

But the laws are still from early times when most didn’t read or write.


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People concern w climate change like it’s the only thing humans are doing. The industrial fishing catches are insane. The garbage humans create is insane, and it goes to oceans and nature. The amount of deforestation is huge. Polluted rivers. The list goes on.


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It’s the lack of affordable (read normal prices) housing. If we didn’t have to spend so much in rent/housing maybe wages wouldn’t be such an issue but a lack of leadership from both gop and dem had made it so that nimbly, red tape, and zoning laws, Airbnb and rampant house flipping cash investors made it incredibly expensive for the average family to get housing. Now that there’s a lack of labor low wage companies that where paying slave wages are now ponying up but small biz cannot compete.


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The reason for many (most) overdoses is because people will quit for a bit while having a high tolerance and then take the same dose they took before quitting. So it’s not people going overboard with drugs, it’s actually people trying to quit and when coming back (really hard to quit) they just fry their brains. It’s just how opioids work in the brain.

So if you know someone and suspect of fentalyn/opioids just mention this fact…. Out of the blue , no context needed. One of those “oh I read in the news….”