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Yeah it sucks big time.

I showed up with my birth certificate, social security card, passport, current valid driver's license and an OnStar bill because every other bank statement and bill I have is on autopay and I had no other mail around and didn't think to print anything out.

They cleared me at the Randolph DMV at their pre check window and after sitting around for 45 minutes they called me to the window and told me the OnStar bill wasn't valid proof of address even though they told me it was at the initial doc review window.

Nothing can convince me that requiring someone with a passport, social security card, birth certificate and current valid license to also produce a utility bill or bank statement would enhance safety for anyone in any way.

TLDR: fuck the government.


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Bedminster and Bridgewater are both great options.

There is a lot more housing stock in Bridgewater, the schools are a lot larger and taxes seem to be a bit higher than Bedminster.

Bedminster has smaller schools and one of the lowest property tax rates to assessed value I have seen in the state.

Can't really go wrong with either for family friendly communities.


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I would advise against considering NJ at that income level unless it is specifically to be closer to family / a support network.

Unless you are tied to the state through family connections it is really only worth moving here if you are going to make an absolute bag.