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His banning tourism is hyperbole. And frankly a ridiculous assertion. Responding to it is a waste of time and energy.

Sadly his argument about women's safety is badly marred by the banning tourism point as it points out his priorities rathar then making a genuine insight.

Rapists are not roaming in droves in India. But the present Govt and it's supporters have a history of condoning and even promoting rape, which is horrifying and frightening. Their tacit and overt support to rapists will have a trickle.down effect which needs to be stopped asap. My country is far too large and beautiful to be defined by one political parties sick fetishes.. Sadly the same group uses "defaming India/culture/religion" argument whenever a concerned party brings up this issue.. Hence the confusion which only serves to emboldened the monsters.

If you're interested read about the best bakery case, all of the perpetrators have been released (illegally) by the present Govt. Also the Kathua incident where thousands of supporters tried to shut down the trial of the monster who committed the crime.. This has become a very very concerning trend. And Sadly people have become so divided in my nation that they will even support/defend rape and rapists to score.imaginary political points.


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I know man.. Better if you distanced Modi from the nation. He's a prime minister and a politician. He is not the nation. But you refused to do that.

The problem being that rapes that are promoted and protected by a political group have increased (in visibility if not reality). Hence the fear (overblown as it may or may not be). We do have a problem with sanctioned rapes, and we do have a problem with the ruling party and it's supporters giving cover and blatantly defending the rapists.

We've seen it time and time again. Body's of victims being burnt, rallies taken out to defend inhumane monsters, we even have convicted rapists ( even monsters is too lenient a term for this group tbh) being released with connivance between bjp govts. We have a major issue, and Modi and his team and his supporters keep deflecting and defending this group.

I agree.. It's not something India should be held accountable for.. It's only a very small but vocal (and insane) group who is doing this.. And the commenter isn't being honest in his comment either. But he specified who he's talking about. And you chose to make it a India issue and not a bjp issue.

P.s. You sound like you're on the Modi side, not the India side tbh. May be unintentional but that's what you came across as.


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To be fair.. His racism isn't against Indians.. He's specifying exactly who he's talking about.

And Considering modis Govt and his supporters have gone out of their way to protect and save rapists, even that accusation isn't wrong per se.

Now YOU trying to turn Modi into INDIA is just a cheap parlor trick that's usually also used to protect said rapists.