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Cool story bro. How sad are you that took the time to not only post this comment that adds nothing to the discussion, but you are calling me the loser. Clearly most people disagree. Look at the votes and discussion. I'm a writer. Entertaining people is what I do in my spare time. Have you never read a book twice? Or more?

Have a good day.


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It would have been routine. Figure out where the packets are getting lost, then go physically check the device if a remote reboot doesn't work or can't be performed. Follow standard troubleshooting. Check the cables, hard reboot it, etc. You would eventually notice it was plugged into itself if you check and trace all the cables.


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>no port assignments or anything like that.

Didn't even tell me what rack the equipment was on or anything. I wandered around in there looking at switches and routers and shit until I found the modems. I didn't say shit because I wanted a paycheck and some experience, but yeah, stupid way to do things when you are dealing with critical systems. He should have at least shadowed me in there and watched, even if he wasn't going to say or do shit to help me.


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Yeah - as I later became a network engineer, I used it as a learning experience. When I became a manager, I made sure I showed my people how to do shit and never "tested" them this way.

It did absolutely amaze me that a single server was that critical to the business. Even the smallest company I worked for had several backups.