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As someone that was in Job Corps more than 20 years ago, I think it is a good program for those that are motivated.

Also, I don't know what is available here in Maine, but taking one of the trades is a great path forward for a good living, especially with the clear lack of them today.


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I know, I am talking about the TOU plan offered, not the seasonal, which is why I called it the TOU plan.

It is .13KW/h during peak and shoulder times and .06 during off-peak and weekends. Off-peak is 8pm to 7am, so 11 hours.

I just don't see that plan being better than ET that is at the lower rate all the time.

Adding a Heat Pump to my current set-up vs oil to go for the HP plan would increase my usage because I would be heating parts of the house I currently don't. Unless I just heat the back area that is currently heated with electric, which I don't think is good long term but may be worth it for that rate during winter.


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So I posted earlier numbers based on calcs from 2021-2022, which was 31,521KW/h. For the 2022-2023 year, the total is 19,318KW/h. That would save about 417.58 over a year at that rate. Not quite as good, but better than nothing.

There were 7-8 people living in the house during the earlier time period, which is why usage was so high.


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Going by your second edit's breakeven formula, I would save over 800 a year on the ET plan.

The TOU plan seems custom made for solar installs, especially with batteries. With solar providing a large part of usage during the day and charging the batteries while the batteries are charged at night to shift the price.

I just don't see hoe that rate is better than the ET rate, unless the distribution is calculated differently.


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I don't, currently, have a heat pump. The house is a 2 story with a partial attic, built in the early 1900's, with 24' by 80'.

It is partially heated by oil, with the second floor unused and only enough electric heat their to prevent pipes from freezing.

Their are 4 people living in the house, with 2 living in the portion with oil heat, 2 living in a portion about 24' by 10' heated by electric heat, and an electric stove/oven to cook with.

Last month's usage was 2777kwh. I am looking into getting a heat pump for the place, but as it is such a big house, with much of it unused, sizing it correctly is fun to say the least.


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Reply to comment by so2017 in Despicable by KermitThrush

Unless he is trying to show how the woman being the stronger has the "right" to kill the weaker party, so the man should as well. See, connected logical thought, even if you don't like the conclusion.

Now, I don't know this guy, and have no idea what the context was he made this statement, or even if he really did, but hey, nobody else seems to care about these niceties, why should I/