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This seems quite common. How do you think a lot of Catholic saints were selected.

But, I would like to clarify one point. Apotheosis is the recognition of someone as divine. In early Christianity, the divinity of Jesus was debated, and those who support divinity won. But those who believe in the divinity of Jesus do not believe that his divinity came about through the apotheosis, but that the apotheosis was just a recognition of the fact of his divinity.


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The quote "I've been rich and I've been poor. And, believe me, rich is better" has been ascribed to almost every well-known black woman blues or jazz singer from before the 60s.


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Hubert Humphrey was asked how long it would take him to prepare a 15 minute talk, and he said a week. Asked how long for a two hour talk, and he said, I am ready right now.

note: I don't recall the actual numbers.


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Sam Rayburn was a good and decent man. He returned all the money that had been donated.

I don't believe you know anything about the man.

I remember his funeral. The service was in the first Baptist Church even though he was a Primitive Baptist because it was larger and could better accommodate the large number of people.