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I'm surprised I get a minus. Gee for stating a fact? Seriously? I was being sarcastic in the first sentence but everything else if factual? I mean if anyone has ever sold a house before. You go through a process. Including walk through and closing. And no one at any point every for a minute thought this house fully stocked down to the sock drawers was odd?


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Fraud at another time or place is still FRAUD gee. And, so again someone goes in and sees a fully furnished home with everything in it and all the utilities in the persons name and doesn't even remotely question things. I once bought a junk fax machine from the trash man. No fraud there I know the guy he was the trash guy and grabbed things out of the trash for me. Paid him like 10 bucks fixed it and used it to test it someone called the police or something as the number of the previous own was on it when I tested it. The police came and picked up my trash fax machine that was now gleaming with new toner and repairs and I lost my 20 bucks and all my work because someone else might have stolen it in the past. But, I was oh gee. I cooperated with the cops and shrugged it off. So when it's obvious that you buy a house and show up and it looks like someone is living there with milk in the fridge and stocked cupboards and no one says a word? Hmmm but no fraud here the police say. I say wrong


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No it's not fraud. Hmm some guy goes into your home and everything from your TV to your Toilet paper and maybe your cat and gold fish are there and fully stocked fridge and the guy who bought it didn't so much as think hmm something is wrong here? What they sold all the guys stuff also? And gee wonder how they pulled off closing lol