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Only a problem if you did this in the winter or on a very dry day I. The summer I would assume.

Otherwise you are at maximum width. I mean a IG summer fence build in Florida you could just bump those dudes right next to each other right?

I feel like I am missing some Master fence knowledge and this is a DIY I don’t know I don’t know moment.


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So this is way out in left field but I will tell you what I did for a hurricane issue.

I went up in the attic and found the damage. It was minor but enough that I could not just catch it in a storage tub. I got out my cooler and put it under the leak and went outside and grabbed my hose. I cut the end off and forced it over the outgoing cooler bib/nozzle.

Then just ran it down out of the attic into the nearest sink. Hindsight I could have just dropped it though the soffit.

Anyway it acted as a catch until I could fix the roof. Good luck. If you can find the issue and it is small I happen to use expanding foam and the covered it with flex seal and that held for over 6 months.

Dehumidifier and damp rid can pull the rest of it out.