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Yeah, OP explained what they meant by reviving.

I think it's an extremely poor choice of words for something that was never alive to begin with.


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That definitely changes things then.

I still have to wonder why the author chose to use the term revive in the context of a thing that wasn't alive in the first place (unless things have changed since my biology course in 08). I feel like thawing would be a much more accurate descriptor of the process.


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None of that suggests that melting permafrost poses a risk of viruses re-emerging.

I don't know what's involved in 'reviving' a virus, but it sounds like human intervention is required for it to happen.


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While I appreciate it, it's not a monumental achievement for me.

I like to say that sober me is not an alcoholic, but tipsy me is. I have no problem at all not drinking, but if I start I have a hard time stopping. It's just easier for me to not drink than to try to practice moderation.

I say this to point out that I haven't faced the same struggles quitting that true alcoholics do.


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Just anecdotal, I know, but I used D8 THC after my shoulder surgery and recovered about 2x faster than my doctor originally expected. I only had to go to like 6 PT appointments before I was told I didn't need it anymore.

I'm sure that some of that was because I was in shape prior to the surgery, but at least the pain relief contributed to me doing my PT homework to a greater degree than if I hadn't been using THC.

I also only needed opiates for 4 days post surgery.


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