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Sometimes it is necessary. Like if your sub gets overrun with legitimate posts that all belong to a related thing. Sure, it's hard to drive traffic to other subreddits but it can work with a pinned post or links on the side or both, coupled with people referring to that sub when people crosspost. I get that it isn't ideal but it's better than the other options (banning relevant posts or just allowing all types of posts), no?


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I'm all for a pretty liberal post acceptance threshold. There are all sorts of people in the city or curious about the city and I think the r/baltimore sub should think as much about how much we have here to offer as what we want to read about. There has to be a balance for sure; Can't have 27 "I'm wondering where to go for dinner when I visit" posts without interruption, but we can continue to be inclusive and inviting and accept some repetition (as we already do).

Free Dental Cleaning posts are important too. Just because you don't care doesn't mean r/baltimore can't continue to be useful to people of widely different means. Free dental is something you'd be surprised how many people would rather have than paying for extra dental insurance. For example. I think we need the humility to recognize that we don't always know what other people might benefit from. As long as we can continue to be an inclusive and welcoming group I think most things should go.

There was the gracious exchange 18 months ago (or thereabouts) where baltimore events got their own sub rather than having people post upcoming events constantly. I do think a pinned reference post would be great. Some people are here for 36 hours, some for a lifetime. Nobody will suffer from a little scrolling past a resource post. There are LOTS of Baltimore related subs that could be directly linked from here. Lets not be stodgy. It's for everyone.


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For what it's worth, I think you're doing the right thing in marketing your positions aggressively. God knows the city needs some shakeups everywhere and this is a good way to get a few. I think the dollars spent doing the advert will, in the end, look like good money. People generally do want to help their city and this capitalizes on that effectively. I'd like an internship with your strategist.


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As a different sort of contractor the main issue I see (aside for any work promised not done, like the particle board) is that they did not explicitly tell you "When we take off the old roof we'll have to assess the damage. Typically repairs run $1000 - $15k but if we have to fully replace joists this can go as high as X".

What I've seen happen with burnt out contractors is they forget to do this part because 'they've seen it all before'. Yeah buddy, you have seen it all before and the client certainly has not. I suggest asking potential contractors questions that they will find redundant to gauge how they'll handle this kind of information in the future (Information you are likely not to categorically know about). When they say "We'll need to set up a scaffold" you say "Will the scaffold be tied to the building and will there be damage from that?" Just anything you can imagine for each step of the process; The process which you'll have to ask them to outline (Even normal contractors don't really do that unless asked typically).

The fact they had you over a barrel is a happy coincidence for them (I say 'happy' because it's their lack of understanding of how this adversely affects the client that is often a contributing factor (stupid or malicious or both, take your pick)); A comfortable position of investment (by you) that was hugely exacerbated by a lack of information and communication. There are always thoughtful contractors who will go out of their way to describe their process but unfortunately these are few compared to the kind you got.


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I'm sure you know this but there are hand signals out the window for this circumstance. Same as bike signals. I mean, probably only need to do it when there's someone who you can see would benefit from it (unlike people that never use their signals who don't seem to differentiate and just never use them).


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Like hunting mushrooms people are very private and rightly so (about exceedingly rare and endangered things). If we were back in 1750 you could just go anywhere and have as much of whatever you want, but alas, tis no longer the case goodsir Ry.

I lived on the Outer Banks for awhile and you could find food so easily but none of the natives would ever tell temporary outsiders (like tourists) how easy it was to Flounder, Clam, Crab, Fish, etc.. because just a tiny bit of interest snowballs into destruction.


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The downstairs bathroom was really cool. I too haven't been since 'the change' (whatever the hell happened) more than a single time. Those first years were incredible though. Cheap good food, great staff, and a welcoming atmosphere. Perfect place to have the 2 hour discussion with your friend at 2:30 in the morning.