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I have a bicycle and still use the bikeshare like 25% of the time. I've had a bike stolen, and I sometimes want to go one way (with metro or Uber/Lyft covering the return route).


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There's a floor plan requirement, too, where at least half of the seats in an establishment must be at tables or booths, rather than at the bar. So there aren't the traditional narrow bars like in most cities, where you walk in and it's a few high tops plus the bar itself.

Throw in the food requirement (and more importantly, the requirement that the kitchen always be serving full entrees while alcohol is being served), and you basically don't have bars in Virginia.


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Not only that, they must also have a certain percentage of their floor space and seats in a traditional dining room setting.

So even if they're serving enough food to cover the revenue requirement, it'd be illegal to open a bar that just has a bar and barstools.

Plus they're not allowed to keep the bar open for drinks unless the kitchen is also open for food orders.


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They're bad at word problems, which requires recognizing that they're being presented with a math problem at all, before determining the right formula to apply and calculating what the answer should be.


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Any acronym related to illness, disease, or medical issues, I just assume come from medical students trying to cram for exams. The sheer amount of lists they have to memorize makes acronyms a pretty good memorization technique.