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If you read up about the situation, you would've saw that Clean Harbors' Facility would've processed it all. They are on the Back River Water Treatment Facility's property, but they are independent of the Back River Water Facility and their equipment. This is exactly the kind of work they specialize in.


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But now our elected officials get to say they stopped the nasty toxic water that would've caused all of the river fish to turn into the three-eyed fish from The Simpsons.

Everyone got all worked up over what should've been no big deal. Fear and misinformation is really powerful in the media, sadly.


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No, there are no reservations for any of the airport-run parking lots. However, they are first-come-first-serve, so if all of the lots happen to be full, then you're out of luck, but that isn't likely to happen. The BWI Website has indicators that show how full each lot is, in addition to road signs near the lots.

Offsite 3rd party lots, like The Parking Spot and FastPark, often require a reservation. Shouldn't be a problem to get one, even last minute. I had used The Parking Spot at my last flight, and it was great.


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Kill neighborhoods? What neighborhood is right there?

What exactly do you all want to go there instead? That spot is directly next to 83, all commercially zoned, with no housing anywhere on the road nearby. There's a couple hotels, a Chili's, some businesses and a couple other storage units. A 3rd facility isn't any better or worse than if another gas station or an Applebee's popped up there instead. No way would anything else thrive in that spot.


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No, BoltBus no longer exists.

I think most of the Big Name bus companies like Greyhound either depart from the Greyhound Terminal near M&T Bank Stadium, or elsewhere around the city, but not at Penn Station. I could be wrong.

Looking at OurBus, looks like you can book some smaller charters that go up to NYC from Penn Station, but no idea how reputable they are. You'd probably be better off getting transportation to the Greyhound Terminal instead, or take an Amtrak.