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This is false. Metastatic Colon cancer in your brain is colon cancer, not brain cancer. Breast cancer in your liver is breast cancer, and both are treated based on the type of cancer you have. Cancer treatments, even for metastatic disease are based on the mutations and drivers of specific cancers. It's why there are different types of chemo, immune therapies, CDK inhibitors, surgeries, etc. 'Cancer' describes a wide range of different genetic mutations that cause malignant growth of cells, but it is not one thing. This is also why there is no one cure, or treatment, for all cancers.


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Might want to leave that choice to the people having to decide. My friend had her whole lower body opened in an abdominal exenteration surgy. She had multiple abdominal organs removed, vagina, as well as vertebrae. She had to relearn how to walk, and now has an ostomy bag and catheter. Some people turn down the surgery because they would rather die. My friend is happy she did it. Some pain is worth getting to spend extra years on this planet. That's what most terminal cancer patients want. More time to get to the next treatment, to hopefully find a cure or long term solution. Living with stage 4 cancer is not all pain and suffering. Most people are just living their lives.


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Right? I am also extremely wary of any article that uses the term 'cancer' with no qualifier. Which cancer? Which subtype? Breast cancer alone has like 4 subtypes with different genetic mutations driving those as well. Pancreatic cancer is not lung cancer is not leukemia. 'Cancer' is broad a term its almost meaningless except to describe something as apposed to another totally different disease type.