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Yup exactly, painkillers cause constipation more often than anything. But antibiotics are NOT nice on the stomach and bowels, I find the severity really varies with the type for me personally. And I also feel like all of those kind of medication side effect related things are getting worse with age lol.


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It's probably the antibiotics that are wreaking havoc on your bowels, tbh, not the painkillers. Because they kill the good bacteria in your guts as well as anything dangerous and therefore mess with your digestive functions. Take some probiotic supplements and it should help, or at least eat some yogurt.

And yeah, don't trust farts while on antibiotics lmao.


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Yes, cats are very difficult to sex. Even more so when they're very young. And that's how I wound up with a female cat named Toby lol. She's never seemed to mind.

Most useful piece of knowledge I've gained around this particular topic is that if a cat is calico, they are ALWAYS female, or rarely, a sterile male. That colour pattern requires multiple X chromosomes so it's impossible to have a normally developed male cat with calico fur.


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You can't even compare all these diseases - flu, rabies, and COVID are caused by viruses, salmonella and strep throat are bacterial infections. The similarities stop there - there are plenty of viruses that even infect bacteria. But as other people have said, no, a variety of outcomes is pretty normal with everything. It depends on your individual immune response.