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Define "modern".

Google Nexus 4 worked best if you put it in a freezer if you wanted to run a benchmark. That was back in 2012.

The "Pocket Heat" app was available in 2010. Just running the CPU at 100% was enough to get the iPhone hot enough to warm your hands.


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That didn't really help.

Airalo has been called one of the most expensive options out there. It's one of the reasons many people don't like eSIMs.

Paying Airalo's artificially-inflated prices for minimal data eSIM versus paying a few bucks for a physical SIM card with tons of data can be quite annoying for many people that travel.

You claimed it was the "cheap" option. Tell us, then, which option costs more than Airalo?

"stop being poor" isn't anywhere near a real answer.