BitterBubblegum t1_j83ofn5 wrote

Every time I finish a season of anything I take a break to watch something else. That something else can be a new show or the continuation of a show I took a break from.

For example these days I'm watching S2 of 'The Goldbergs' every evening to relax after I turn off my phone and when I'll finish it I'll start the final season of 'The Office'.


BitterBubblegum t1_j64kfsy wrote

It will need to be fun, with lots of episodes and a good replay value.

  • Friends

  • Seinfeld

  • Frasier

  • South Park

  • Bob's Burgers

  • Futurama

  • Regular Show

  • The West Wing

  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation