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>if they dont like the states leadership, they are free to leave the state. something i would greatly advise, as its NOT going to get better, only worse.

I, too, remember Martin Luther King's famous speech leading the exodus from Georgia, "I have a dream of it never getting better, only worse."

Can you hear yourself? You sound like a Republican talking snidely about how women who want rights should just leave.


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>We finally get a female Captain, and she is either a sociopath or entirely incompetent.

I it too much to ask for both?

>I think the last straw was when Q was all "Look I'll take you back home myself, just help me talk my friend out of killing himself and I can do it by snapping my fingers." and Janeway was like "I'm an immoral monster who hates my crew more than Chakotay's dialogue hates indigenous Americans, if I could kill your friend with a phaser rifle, he would already be dead."

I watched a bit longer than you did (far too long), and you really missed out on the later episode where Q returns and straight-up tells Janeway, "If you have sex with me, I'll send you and your ship home." Which is, uh...not a good look for anyone involved, writers included.

>I gave up on the show during season 2, my dad (a trekkie in his own right) said "Okay, but you have only yourself to blame for missing out on 7 of 9! She's really awesome!"

7 of 9 is, on the whole, a pretty interesting character, but much more potential than actual. Jeri Ryan is absolutely a great actress who's risen well above the dreck she was given, but seriously...they gave her a costume so tight she repeatedly passed out on the set because the costume was so tight she couldn't breathe fully. It wasn't just the writing on Voyager that was horrific, it was the entire production team.

And in her return in Picard, it's not much better. She went from slowly embracing her own humanity years before to being an unrepentant murderer, as well as acting out some pretty insulting "fan service" by jumping into a relationship with a woman she barely exchanged five sentences with.

...I have some opinions.