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Don't count on it.

The money you put in retirement is miniscule compared to cost of living when you retire. If you can retire.

Most Americans aren't so lucky. They live paycheck to paycheck and can't save for retirement. Those people do exist. Not everyone has a 401k and steady reliable employment.

No one alive today can't retire at 60. Unless you got a really good government job that has a pension. And that is very rare.

The stock market is volatile and change at any time due to global conditions.


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Like the last few decades. Yet, no one does anything of meaningful impact. Move along. This fight keeps on fighting.

It is just now worse. The older generation is in fuck you I've got mine mode and the younger generation has to work 3 jobs just to barely get by. Frustrates me when people say " living the American Dream" . There is no such thing. Work hard they say. Plenty of people work hard and never get anywhere or any respect.


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Ugh, not so much he had it, but the fact he had that much makes me ill. That means it's child sexual assault is happening alot more than we think.

You cant possess that much unless it's going on repeatedly most of the time. These mother fuckers need to just be put on a remote island far away and left there.

Need to not only go after him, even the ones that got it through his distribution


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But Prince spent many years fighting Warner Music over the rights to his catalog. He created music for himself once he got from underneath that situation. He didn't know he is was going to die at that point.

Warner execs at one point told him to stop making so much music because it was a record pace and they didn't like that he was doing all of that. It was about controlling the artist.

Prince was a musical genius and his talent had to shine somewhere, even if was for himself and a few close fans and friends. He truly was motivated by music and not so much fame, even though it benefited him in many ways.

To this day, I don't think between David Bowie and Prince we will have that kind of talent in this lifetime. Sure there are talented people, then there are Renaissance artists. That is what Bowie and Prince meets art.


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Exactly. Ohio is so far off the reservation in politics it just blows my mind the mentality. I have to ask myself when Im there is how the fuck did it get this bad.

Democrats haven't done well for themselves either. They have decent policy but terrible politics. Republicans will take advantage of that and have horrible policies but put out good PR to spin it no matter how really bad it is and fling it back on the Democrats so the cycle continues. And they have their hooks on those who don't know better.