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5 - really liked it! LOVED it even

4 - really enjoyed it, maybe some very minor irks

3 - some significant irks, maybe some writing/editing issues, plot issues, character issues

2 - many many issues, difficult to continue or enjoy

1 - this was NOT for me/it was absolutely terrible/I struggle to fathom how others make it through this drivel


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I did not realize SoA was going to be a romance, which is NOT really my cup of tea, so her writing was phenomenal which allowed me to finish, but I was a bit bamboozled wanting more of the actual retelling, lol.

I have Circe as well and look forward to reading it!


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Yeah! I think one book I hated for this was Phantoms by Dean Koontz. Great overall story I felt, but they shipped the sheriff/head cop (I don't recall) and the main character and it was just so hammy and horrible. I was like, god please stop. Then I read "Door to December" and there was insinuated a crush but ZERO romance and I was like, oh thank god. It was so much better.


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I think... if you're not enjoying the book so much that you're looking forward to the next one on your list, pause your current book. Read the one you're looking forward to, and then come back to it. Or if it's just not doing it for you, DNF it.

Try not to race through books because you want to get to the next one for accomplishment or numbers. Enjoy what you're reading :)


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I like sex... if I'm reading smut. Maybe if it's been led up to alongside a good story and it's nice to see it culminating (but preferably without many details because I'm not reading it for the sex).

I hate when authors just shove two characters together. One of my biggest mistakes was reading the Song of Achilles thinking it was a greek retelling, and not knowing it was basically a romance.