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You're conflating cultural evolution and biological evolution. They're qualitatively very different, and operate on entirely different time scales. 10k years ago? The first modern humans appeared 300k years ago, and we were talking about ancestors before that. Sure, you could posit that our biological evolution hasn't adapted to recent cultural evolution, but it has no bearing whatsoever on what I said.

As for your comparison to chimps: just because similarities exist, does not mean they are the same. All the similarities between chimpanzee and human sociality in the world don't erase facts like that a same/similar expression like smiling has very different meanings among chimps compared to humans. Human and chimp sociality are definitely not the same.


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It's inaccurate to say that the social systems "remained", as that suggests they're the same throughout our evolutionary history since first acquiring them. Our sociality has evolved along with us, and is different from that of our non-human ancestors and from the extinct species of our genus. The only thing that's the same is the bare fact of being a social species.